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I. Blagorodna Badeva Charity Foundation

BBCF was founded and registered in 2005 in memory of the distinguished Bulgarian violinist Blagorodna Badeva who died very young of diabetes. Her brave life and admirable art, her generosity and selflessness, her philosophy of believing in, and helping others has been unceasing inspiration and support for all that knew her. This evoked the idea to found a charity in her name which to adopt these principles.

The main aim of the Foundation is to help young Bulgarian musicians, violinists in particular, by:

The second aim of the Foundation is to help young musicians who suffer of diabetes.

The funds are raised mainly via charity concerts and other charity events of the founder and from personal donations.

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II. Live Music Now BG & Live Music for All

The goal of the project „Live Music for All” is to bring the concert hall to audiences that will otherwise not have access to live classical music and its beneficial effects. It also aims to provide educational concerts for youngsters in nurseries and schools especially in those where music is not included as a subject. The project aims at providing equal access to culture to people disadvantaged by age, illness or social circumstances in countries where such activities are not yet developed.

The project organises social and educational concerts with top quality live classical music performed by highly skilled professional musicians that last between 30 and max 60 min.

The different types of venues include:

   1. Social venues:

- Special schools for children:

  • Physical

  • Learning disabilities

  • Emotional and behavioural difficulties

  • Mental disability

- Residential and day centres

  • for Elderly

  • for people with Physical or Learning disabilities;

  • with Mental health problems - Schizophrenia

  • Dementia, Alzheimer

  • Down Syndrome, Autism, etc.

  • Refugees and Homeless people

  • People after a trauma as an accident, stroke, MS, etc.

  • Hospices and Hospitals

  • Clubs for pensioners, blind people etc.

  • Prisons/ Young offenders Institutions

  • Rehabilitation Centres – people with alcohol and drags problems, abused, domestic violence, etc.

   2.The educational concerts are aimed at schools and nurseries.

The project is inspired by the similar work of the British Live Music Now! organisation founded by the great violinist and humanist Lord Yehudi Menuhin for which Gamalova worked as a solo performer.

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